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-The infomation and advantages of our pex pipe



Copper piping has always been the preferred choice in plumbing systems for its quality and durability.


However, it is expensive, cannot be installed in long lengths without joints, is relatively inflexible and may burst when frozen. Therefore, a variety of plastic piping systems have been developed in recent years.


Many are familiar with the disastrous results from PB (polybutylene) piping.


Failed connections between pipes in many homes resulted in a class action law suit against the manufacturer.

PVC and CPVC piping have been used, most often for drain lines. ABS piping is another plastic alternative.


The latest plastic material to come on the market is referred to as PEX piping.


"PEX" stands for "cross linked polyethylene." The molecular chains are linked into a three-dimensional network that makes PEX durable over a wide range of temperatures and chemicals.


One of the more unique features of certain types of PEX piping is its shape memory. Connections can be made by expanding the ends and inserting a fitting. The material returns to its previous diameter forming a tight seal around the fitting.


PEX piping is being used in radiant floor heating systems because it can withstand the extreme stresses of such an installation: expansion and contraction, mechanical abrasion, shearing and stretching.


PEX piping is also being used for long pipe runs or in difficult to access places like crawl spaces. No intermediate joints are necessary and the material is flexible enough to be run through all kinds of places.


Will PEX piping prove to be a popular alternative to copper piping? Will it suffer material failures like PB piping? It is perhaps too soon to tell, but the product looks promising.Back to our Specifications of the pex pipe.



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