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Wash basin

-The Wash basin, single sink

Plane Single Sink

SU-WA35A Size:353x296x150mm.Bowl:317x260mm.

SU-WB41A Size:410x353x170mm.Bowl:375x317mm.

SU-WC47A Size:465x410x190mm.Bowl:430x375mm.

SU-WF44A Size:436x361x175mm.Bowl:400x325mm.

SU-WG32A Size:316x241x130mm.Bowl:280x205mm.

Plane Single Sink

SU-WD54A Size:543x390x190mm.Bowl:500x345mm.

Plane Single Sink

SU-WE33A Size:330x192x135mm.Bowl:300x170mm.

Plane Single Sink

SU-WH30A Size:300x224x105mm.Bowl:200x275mm.

Cross Border Single Sink

Cross Border Single Sink
SU-WA35E Size:353x296x150mm.Bowl:317x260mm.
SU-WB41E Size:410x353x170mm.Bowl:375x317mm.
SU-WC47E Size:465x410x190mm.Bowl:430x375mm.


Bevel Edge Single Sink
SU-WA36M Size:363x306x150mm.Bowl:317x260mm.
SU-WB42M Size:420x363x170mm.Bowl:375x317mm.
SU-WC48M Size:475x420x190mm.Bowl:430x375mm.

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