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The function of bathroom shower head

The function of bathroom shower head


The Waterfall Bubble Water from the shower head...
Negative pressure is caused by surrounding air that is mixed in air mixture spouts, and it forms tender waterfall bubble water. The moderate waterfall speed could please and satisfies your skin with tender care

The Pulse Massage Water from the shower head...
Theoretically we increase pressure through volume control, thus the special pulse water structure forms hammer-like water,That tenderly beats your body, reinforces blood circulation, and releases you fatigue. And you could also use this function to wash away dirt in the bathroom corners.

The Faucet Function of the shower head...
Faucet spatter-guard function which is installed within in the shower head, adds a faucets function in your shower head.

The High Volume Shower head Water...
Recommended connecting with gas water-heaters, it could support with large scope and double volume water shower head.

The Medium Volume Gentle Shower head Water...
Recommended connecting with electrical water-heater or gas water-heater, with large scope and standard spray effect.

Environmental Protection tender and Water-saving...
Recommended connecting with electrical water-heater, with controlled pull-and-push water spray, and focused spray effect, you can decrease water volume and remove the dirt more effectively.

The Water-saving atomization function of the shower head...
Each shower head is equipped with several atomization spouts, in which a high-speed running device is installed. An energy from the tap water will start the pull-and-push operational installation, as a result the water ejects with high speed and pressure, forming a surge of atomization water, tender yet with some strength, and with convincing power to remove foam and dirt. You will feel fresh and cool when you have a shower in summer; while in winter, connecting with the water heater, it has great effect of getting warm. Hot fog will form up in your bathroom, and then turn into hot steam soon, which is just like thousands of tender hands massaging your body, you could enjoy the great fun from this sauna shower. Atomization water-saving function could save 50% water than other shower heads.

Bathroom shower products:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23




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