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SU-PT001(plastic taps series)

water quality of infall
municipal tap water
water quality of outlet
accord or excel the standard of state living drinking water and town clean drinking water.
filter accuracy
hydraulic pressure in point
rate of producing water

plastic taps series
SU-PT002(plastic taps series)

plastic taps series
SU-PT003(plastic taps series)

mechanic seal:
allocating for general industry pump,civil pump,chemical pump.moving and static loop mainly adopt 95 earthenware , carbon graphite,carborundum,alloy,nitridesilicon.
plastic taps series
SU-PT004(plastic taps series)
plastic taps series
SU-PT005(plastic taps series)

ceramic grind flake:

reversion or cross ceramic flake is suitable for plumb stop valve,food valve,hydraulic valve,pneumatic ceramic flake.all ceramic flake reach the standard of AL2O3Ý95%¬HRAÝ85ã¬plane angleÜ0.0006,parallelismÜ0.015.
plastic taps series
SU-PT006(plastic taps series)

faucets dic
be mainly used in metal faucets.
plastic taps series
SU-PT007(plastic taps series)

ceramic parts:
be used as wear-resiting and
corrosion-resisting bear,axis guide etc.

plastic taps series
SU-PT008(plastic taps series)
plastic taps series
SU-PT009(plastic taps series)

aluminum-plastic pipe joint:
be used as joint and fixture of 1014¢1216 pipe.
plastic taps series
SU-PT010(plastic taps series)
plastic taps series
SU-PT011(plastic taps series)

M.F2-1/2" check valve,TM.F8-1/2" filter check valve,TM.F23-1/2" filter valve,TM.F36-3/4" check valve,TM.F39-1/2" copper check valve,TM.F42-3/4" copper check valve:

check valve,also named one-way valve,used for letting the liquid flow in one way filter valve:cleaning the dust in the liquid and letting the liquid flow in one way .
plastic taps series
SU-PT012(plastic taps series)
plastic taps series
SU-PT013(plastic taps series)

The check valve all adopt ceramic sealing.The pressure of the liquid assure the checking function.
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